High Performance Flexible Packaging Emballage flexible à haut rendement
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Produced in a range of High Strength Woven Polyethylene Fabrics with dual moisture and condensation barrier coatings to meet specific end use requirements 100% Polyethylene containing 20% recycled content

PRO-TECHT® has the best strength-to-weight ratio of any lumber wrap. It is not weakened by moisture absorption.
Met-All TM Caps & Wraps are made from high-strength, light weight H.D. Woven Polyethylene fabrics which are then extrusion coated with L.D. Polyethylene film. This film is formulated with Cortec ® VCI-126 corrosion protectant. Met-All TM Caps & Wraps offer high strength, tear resistance, durability and maximum corrosion protection for all ferrous and non-ferrous metal products.

A) OUTER PLY low density polyethylene film
B) MIDDLE PLY high density woven polyethylene tape fibres
C) INNER PLY low density polyethylene film formulated with VCI MULTISAC® is a manufacturer and distributor of reinforced bags and covers, serving primarily industrial and institutional markets.

Our products are custom-designed and made to meet exact performance requirements. Raw materials consist mainly of laminated / woven polyethylene and polypropylene fabrics.
1) Cover entire product with Stretch-TiteTM allowing an excess at the bottom and top for wire tying.
2) Wire tie bottom and pull up Stretch-TiteTM to remove slack. Tie top with wire.
3) Cut off excess Stretch-TiteTM approximatively 3" from wires.

Stretch-TiteTM woven polypropylene tubing is ideal for carpets, padding, textiles, bales, foam rubber, rubber products and offers extra protection for high cost merchandise. Established as a family business known as THE WORKMAN BAG COMPANY in 1923, MULTISAC® began as a manufacturer of new and reconditioned Jute and Cotton bags serving mostly agricultural and mineral customers. Over the years the Company updated its product line, taking advantage of developments in the textile, plastic and converting industries.

In the early eighties, MULTISAC® reinvented itself after conducting major equipment and product development programs. A number of proprietary production processes were developed in-house, enabling us to move from the commodity bag field into the wider synthetic flexible packaging industry. The company's focus has become increasingly concentrated on industrial and institutional markets requiring strong, durable and cost effective bags and covers.

MULTISAC® continues to be a leader in both market and product development in the industrial flexible packaging industry. Here are some of the industries served: - Agricultural (feed additives, rice, seed) - Asbestos Fibre - Banking - Chemical (hazardous) - Couriers - Farm Implement and Components - Fertilizers - Recreational Vehicles - Wood Products - Steel Products ( carbon, galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, solder & silver) MULTISAC®'s strength has always been the ability to maintain a close relationship with customers, reacting to their ever changing needs and providing the finest in products and service. In June 1999, MULTISAC® moved to its new home at 345 Montée de Liesse in Montreal, a fully integrated facility consisting of 108,000-sq.ft of plant and offices. This move allows MULTISAC® to effectively double its potential capacity to better serve existing customers and embark on new avenues of growth. MULTISAC® has sales offices in Montreal, Québec, Boston and Portland. Plastex® bags are ultra light, ultra strong, with many valuable properties, making them ideal for seeds, grains, resins, chemicals, minerals and other valuable products. Multi-Wall Contruction: Outer ply: poly laminate moisture barrier Inner ply woven polyolefin tape fibers

FABRICS: · Available in a range of polyethylene and polypropylene fabrics.
DURALIBILITY: · High strenght-to-weight ratio. · Stronger and more tear and puncture resistant than film or other materials of equal weight.
WEATHERPROOF: · Unaffected by moisture. · Contains ultra-violet inhibitors · Remains flexible at temperature as low as 40°
LONG SHELF LIFE: Product freshness maintained. · Bag contents easily loosened if caking occurs. BAG CONSTRUCTION: · Styles: Open mouth, flat or gusseted. · Sizes: Minimum 10" by 15"
SUGGESTED USES: · Aggregates · Chemicals · Coin/currency · Feed additives · Food ingredients · Minerals · Resins · Rice · Seeds
PRINTING: Flexographic printing up to four colours