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Lumber Wraps and Caps
  For clean, dry, secure lumber storage and shipments.

Multi-Layer Construction

™ Wraps and Caps are produced from ultra-strong, ultra-light multi-layer fabrics designed to ensure total protection during extreme conditions of weather, handling, and transportation.
Long Life  
  The U.V. stabilizers in PRO-TECHT™ provide extended resistance to sunlight degradation. Airborne or rain deposited chemical particles have no effect on PRO-TECHT™.
It also remains flexible at temperatures as low
as -40°.
  Since 1983, PRO-TECHT™ has been the preferred choice of quality conscious mills from coast to coast.
  PRO-TECHT™ has the best strength-to-weight ratio of any lumber wrap.
It is not weakened by moisture absorption.
  Resists staple pull-out, end-coring, tearing, and ruptures; remains completely intact during rail shunting.
Sharp, Bright Printing  
  Superior ink adhesion allows strong multi-color print identification for mill or dealer.
Convenient and Easy to Handle  
  Lightweight and flexible, PRO-TECHT™ is faster and easier to wrap and less costly to ship.
Moisture Resistant  

Two layers of poly-coatings ensure that your shipments will arrive clean and dry, through heat, cold, rain and wind, whether by truck, rail or sea.

In 1983 inter-continental field testing of rail and ocean shipment from the Canadian West Coast to England was conducted. Despite multiple handling and harsh conditions, the clean condition of the lumber was verified and found to be typical of all test packages.

Protection against Staining  
  White over Black opacity protects against heat build-up and condensation, caused by harmful rays of the sun - the "Greenhouse Effect".
Suggested Uses  
  Kiln-Dried Lumber
Treated Wood
Remanufactured Items
and other building materials
Custom Designed for Each Application  

Pre-Formed Cover Drop over finished crate
Adjustable Cover Corner overlap for snug fit. One person operation
Panel Skirts to reinforce crate panels prior to assembly
By the Roll Multiple widths


Produced in a range of High Strength Woven Polyethylene Fabrics with dual moisture and condensation barrier coatings to meet specific end use requirements
Bold continuous printing of your company name and logo
Tear and puncture resistant
Ultraviolet stabilized
100% Polyethylene containing 20% recycled content

Suggested Applications  
  Machinery and equipment
Farm implements and Component parts
Recreational vehicules
Furniture and fixtures
Export shipments


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